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E-RATIONAL's mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions based on common sense: No Heat to Waste! E-RATIONAL stands for a rational, logical approach of sustainable energy production... creating green electricity out of low temperature waste heat ... Reliable ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) solutions with attractive pay-backs !

Applications producing a continuous waste heat stream are prime candidates:

  • INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES (hot process water, discarded steam)
  • INCINERATORS such as municipal waste incinerators or biomass burning installations often combined with DISTRICT HEATING solutions
  • STATIONARY ENGINES and gas turbines (COGEN/CHP, Diesel and Biogas-Gensets, ..)
  • GEOTHERMAL applications

E-RATIONAL offers CE-compliant and almost maintenance free ORC Machines, with the clear goal to supply machines with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. E-RATIONAL's team provides its clients with complete solutions, including design, installation, start up and full after sales service.

E-RATIONAL ORC converts low temperature waste heat to virtually free & green electricity!

RENEXPO in Warsaw, POLAND, 25-27/10/2017
The international conference for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The RENEXPO Poland is not only one of Poland’s largest and most significant event on renewable energies, it also creates an energy platform in the country. The trade fair themes are: Renewable and decentralized energy production, services, innovative and efficient energy application and intelligent and efficient energy distribution and storage.

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