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E-RATIONAL strives for a flexible approach of customer problems. Our goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost-effective way while minimizing discomfort. Ingenuity and thinking out of the box are key factors in this creative process.

If you have a specific problem or idea that needs to be solved or addressed, E-RATIONAL is willing to explore new possibilities to come to the optimal solution. Conceptual study, engineering, production, installation and commissioning of custom made machinery / prototypes is what we have been doing for decades.

If you have waste heat available and want to valorize it, you need more than just an ORC. E-RATIONAL can be your single point of contact to tackle this issue. We can take care of everything involving the integration of the ORC in your complete factory process, limiting your personal effort to the very minimum.

If you have plans to reduce your carbon footprint by converting waste heat into electricity with an ORC, but if you have doubts on how it should be done, we can assist you. In a pre-study we map your available waste heat and advise you on how to integrate an ORC. An optimal complete solution is proposed, both technically and financially.

If you have waste heat available and are looking for alternatives to apply it in an environmentally viable way, you can rely on E-RATIONAL to help you figure out what is the most interesting technology for your application. Using our experience and broad network we assist you in turning your project into a success.

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