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E-RATIONAL low temperature ORCs convert waste heat between 85°C and 115°C. One unit can valorize up to 7 MWth, producing up to 500 kWe. A typical application is adding an ORC on the jacket cooling of biogas engines.

This type of machine operates ideally with a cooling circuit 30°C to 40°C or lower. If sea water, river water or similar is available to cool the ORC machine, it is recommended to use a robust heat exchanger, as a condenser, which is more resistant to corrosion by salts and/or erosion by particles in the water flow.

In case there isn't a cooling circuit available at the site, the customer might consider to install a direct air cooled condenser, eliminating the use of a water circuit and resulting in a general power optimization of the complete ORC plant.

E-RATIONAL is able to offer the customer an ORC product best suitable for the application of concern. To provide the customer with an environmental friendly product, the working fluid of the ORC has no Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) or Global Warming Potential (GWP).

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