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The main focus has always been on a maximized uptime and efficiency at a minimized operational and maintenance cost. Over 30 years of experience in the development of new products as equipment manufacturer for automotive industry and automation projects, together with close cooperation with local universities were a good basis to develop the E-RATIONAL ORC machines

Modular design with standard components:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Long lifecycle and MTBF with low MTTR
  • High reliability and uptime, good OEE

E-RATIONAL single screw expander:

  • Low rotational speed and mechanical stress
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Preservation of performance at part load
  • Less expensive than e.g. turbines

User-friendly and extensive software package:

  • Seamless connection to the power grid
  • Monitoring of multiple parameters, e.g. energy production
  • Simple start / stop
  • Fully automatic operation, no operator attendance required

E-RATIONAL’s team provides its clients with complete solutions including design, installation, start up and full after sales service. E-RATIONAL is the first Belgian Enterprise to provide the world with a compact solution for converting waste heat into green, sustainable energy. This solution is user friendly, robust and economically viable.

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