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A modular/scalable design makes almost any kind of waste heat usable for green energy production with E-RATIONAL ORCs.

E-RATIONAL ORCs are skid-mounted, modular, CE compliant machines with plug-and play connections for convenient installation. The synergy between state-of-the-art technology and traditional, standard components, combined with consistent reasoning and proven facts has led to our product range.

E-RATIONAL has chosen to use, as far as possible, industrial grade standard components having proven qualities and reliability. For some of them we further optimize and improve, utilizing our own expertise and extensive research results. The heart of the ORC unit is the E-RATIONAL single screw expander, directly connected to an asynchronous generator. The design and modification of the expander is in-house knowledge.

Our machines are equipped with comprehensive and user friendly software. The machine is controlled by a PLC to ensure maximized efficiency at all times.
The operating panel, connected to the PLC, allows the operator to follow up the machine production, even by remote connection.

E-RATIONAL machines provide sustainable energy solutions based on common sense: No Heat to Waste!
E-RATIONAL stands for a rational, logical approach of sustainable energy production… Creating green electricity out of low temperature waste heat… Reliable ORC solutions with attractive pay-backs!

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